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Questions regarding Short Term International Medical Travel Insurance policies

1. When would I want to select a Short Term International Medical Travel  Insurance policy ?

Answer: You might choose to apply for a Short Term International Medical Travel  Insurance policy if you were going to travel outside of your Home Country  for a short period of time ranging from a week up to a year.

2. What is the shortest term available for Short Term International Medical  Travel Insurance purchasers ?

Answer: It varies from plan to plan. It could be as short as 5 days, 10 days, or 15 days.  Some of the plans permit you to purchase coverage equal to the exact number  of days you will be traveling.

3. I am a U.S. citizen. My spouse and children are not U.S. citizens but do live  with me in the U.S. Can I put all of us on the same application ?

Answer: It depends upon the plan you select. Many of the Companies design their  plans, rates, and applications based upon whether the applicants are U.S. or  Non U.S. itizens. Others, such as the Liaison International plan, consider the applicant's "Home Country" only, and base their plans on whether the  applicants are traveling to the U.S. or outside of the U.S.

4. What is meant by "Home Country" and why is it important ?

Answer: Plans normally provide coverage while insureds are traveling outside of their "Home Country". Plans most often define "Home Country" as that Country  where he applicant principally resides and receives mail. Exception are those  plans which state that if your citizenship is U.S., that your "Home Country" is always the U.S.

5. Are "Pre-existing" medical conditions covered ?

Answer: In most plans, "Pre-existing" medical conditions are not covered. However, U.S. citizens insured under some plans including Atlas, Patriot, and Liaison  International are protected with benefits from US$1,000 up to US$15,000 for  a sudden and unexpected recurrence of a Pre-existing medical condition while traveling outside of the U.S. and Canada. The HTH TravelGap Excursion covers up to your selected maximum benefit. For complete information, see the online details.

6. Can I include coverage for activities such as scuba diving, water skiing and other hazardous sports while traveling on vacation ?

Answer: Yes, this type of coverage is available as a rider.

7. How long can I receive necessary treatment for an illness or injury suffered  while insured ?

Answer: The benefit period may vary from 6 months to 12 months depending upon the Company and plan.

8. What should I do if I become injured or ill while on my trip ?

Answer: If you become injured or ill and require medical assistance, contact the insurance provider for pre-notification. they have personnel that can assist you in  obtaining proper medical assistance. You will be provided with a phone  number listed on your policy so that you may call collect. Failure to follow the pre-notification procedures could result in a reduction of eligible benefits.

9. If I order the policy on line, how quickly will it be delivered to me.

Answer: In most cases you have three choices which include 5 or 6 days by normal mail,  overnight (for an additional charge), or immediate delivery by "online fulfillment".

10. If I have questions, can I talk with a real, live person ? 


Warrent Peterson

Yes! If you have questions, you may e-mail me, Warren Peterson, or telephone toll free (in U.S. 1-800-584-3512) (U.K. 0.800.404.7765) (Local or outside of U.S. 425-778-8628)